Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Catches Fire


Samsung is reportedly putting production of the Galaxy Note 7 on hold after several more phones set themselves on fire over this past weekend. these phones that were recall replacements for the original batch of original defective phones. Surprisingly Samsung has been alarmingly quiet about the issue, and the actual issue has yet to be giving to there customers.

this whole situation is insane, "One of the issues happening is that customers are receiving emails with their email address, but a different order number," says Samsung. "We have limited information on a lot of the process at this time." Of course, Samsung also says it's "working diligently" on the issue, but all that diligent work didn’t stop replacement phones from blowing up too, so maybe the time for calm diligence has passed.

This is a total mess, and if you have a Note 7, take it to your carrier store and get it exchanged for a different phone immediately! Every Major carrier is taking the Galaxy Note 7 back now. 

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