What To Know about the Bombing Suspect


After bombings in New York and New Jersey, investigators have found a suspect that they want to talk. His name is Ahmad Khan Rahami.

    Police captured Rahami after a shootout with the bombing suspect in Linden, New Jersey, Today September 19th. Authorities say Rahami was wounded in a shootout with police.
    He was arrest hours after officials released his photo on a wanted poster, saying that he was wanted for questioning in connection to Saturdays ombing that left 29 people injured in New York City. 
    Authorities have yet to publicly detailed how he is connected to the bombings, but they are not looking for any other suspects.
    "Now that we have this suspect in custody, the investigation can focus on other aspects," New York Police Commissioner James O'Neill said, "such as whether this individual acted alone, and what his motivations may have been."

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